Features: Security

Protect Your Sensitive Data

In a world where sensitive business information is being accessed by users from a wide variety of devices-be it their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone-comprehensive and robust application security is absolutely critical. Alpha Anywhere addresses this core issue of cross platform application development by providing you with the tools you need to easily secure your sensitive data, protecting your business and its clients.

Built-In Security Framework

Easily add a sophisticated security system to your web or mobile application that is running on the Alpha Anywhere Application Server. You can track users, groups, and pages to make sure only authorized users see the appropriate data. And, you’ll be able to ensure that your data is only updated and modified by those users with the correct permissions by setting field-level access controls. The Alpha Anywhere security system tests every page and file request so that you don’t need to write any code or place any code on individual pages.

Fully Integrated Login/Logout Component

Save yourself the effort of building a separate login screen and let your users login directly from each page with Alpha Anywhere’s login/logout component. Complete with new user registration and a password administrator for lost or forgotten passwords, this built-in component works with the integrated security system by opening a small dropdown that can be fully customized and animated. Some of the features of the login/logout component allow you to:

  • Hide controls when no one is logged in, then display all controls allowed for the user after login.
  • Set rules for validating acceptable login names.
  • Define when logins expire.
  • Display a warning dialog when a session is about to expire due to inactivity.
  • Lock out a user after N failed login attempts.
  • Log login activity of any user.
  • Specify a template to use for the message that is displayed in the menu bar after a user logs in. This message typically indicates the name of the logged in user.
  • Customize login failure messages and translate them into multiple languages.
  • Add a 'Register new account' link. This link can be shown on the menu bar beside the login link, on the actual login dropdown, or both.
  • Lock out any user by user Id or unlock any user who is locked out.
  • Much more...

Data encryption with HMAC and SSL support

For your web and mobile applications, guarantee that your most important data is absolutely secure with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support and HMAC (Hash-based Message Authentication Code) support for web services. This is useful for verifying file uploads and downloads, digitally signing and encrypting email, and for signing e-commerce documents as required by sites such as Amazon.

Alpha Anywhere’s integration with the .NET Framework allows for a full set of encryption functions, so it’s easy to implement an HMAC while our SSL support gives you peace of mind that your usernames, passwords, and all other communications are safe.