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Video Series: Gallery of Browser-Based User Interface Designs for Business Applications

Alpha Anywhere comes with a variety of sample applications built-in. One of those applications provides working examples of many different user interface variations for displaying data from databases in a browser. This 10-part video series will help guide you through this sample application, explaining each of the examples and showing you, for each example, how to find more information about how you can build something like it.
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Alpha Anywhere Release Notes

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Documentation Video Library

Our searchable video documentation library collects thousands of tutorial and feature overview videos from the above categories and more.
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Image Gallery

Easily add a beautiful and intuitive interface for displaying pictures to your desktop, web and mobile applications-complete with gesturing, orientation, swiping, pinch-zooming, and momentum scrolling when your application is running on a smartphone, tablet or touch enabled PC.

The Alpha Anywhere Image Gallery automatically creates a single page image gallery that supports both mobile and desktop browsers. Because it automatically detects the capabilities of whatever device your users are on, and depreciating features when needed, you don’t have to worry about creating multiple versions of the same gallery.

When your applications are running on a mobile device, orientation changes are detected and adjusted for to provide authentic, native-like functionality.

Mobile Image Upload

Save images that users upload into a database without doing any coding and manipulate images as soon as they are uploaded. Suitable for a wide range of applications, but especially powerful when used in a mobile app, you can take a picture with a smartphone and instantly upload it to the server with all of the relevant data intact.

Video Player Component

Insert flexible HTML5, YouTube, and Flash video content from a variety of sources into your desktop, web and mobile applications using the Alpha Anywhere Video Player Component.

Video is a crucial part of any modern business application, and it has become an important part of new applications in virtually every industry- including education, insurance, and the medical field. Equally important is that these videos, whether hosted on YouTube or a private server, run as both Flash enabled videos on browsers that don’t support HTML5 and also on HTML5 enabled mobile devices regardless of platform-including the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and many more.

Juggling all the demands of modern video player integration can get complicated very quickly. But, the Alpha Anywhere Video Player Component is “smart” and hides this complexity, making it a snap to embed Flash, HTML5, and YouTube Videos with cross platform support into any kind of application.

Examples of web and mobile business applications that may use video:

  • Real estate apps that include videos of homes
  • Car catalog with videos of cars
  • Personnel apps or speaker profile with video
  • Equipment repair/construction manual with how to videos for on-site use
  • Educational apps
  • Insurance apps with videos of claim sites
  • Contruction project management apps
  • etc...